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Greenfield brewery in central Colombia

CCC, Central Cervecera de Colombia

LUCAS® aerobic with bio N/P removal
AQUALITY® Ultrafiltration


Sesquilé, Colombia


Treated wastewater: 2.400 m³/day

A joint venture brewing global brands

Central Cervecera de Colombia (CCC) is a joint venture between Chilean brewer Compania Cervecerias Unidas (CCU) and Columbian soft drinks producer Postobón, Colombia’s market leader in non-alcoholic beverages.

The CCC Joint Venture has constructed a greenfield multi-million hl brewery in Sesquilé, a one-hour drive from the capital Bogotá. The Heineken, Amstel and Coors Light brands are brewed in the brewery.

Treating different wastewaters as well as autolyzed yeast

The new Brewery needed treating different water, wastewater & waste streams before discharging the final effluent into the open water bodies, in compliance with discharge regulations. Waterleau designed a turnkey treatment plant including technology for the treatment of autolyzed yeast, sanitary wastewater, as well as for treating discharged water from the water treatment plant.

The Waterleau process design features sustainable water use and energy recovery, limiting the plant’s water and energy footprint, while complying with stringent discharge regulations.

An integrated treatment process

The process design integrates anaerobic, aerobic and membrane technology for the treatment of the different wastewater streams and the autolyzed yeast. A BIOTIM® UASB and a BIOTIM® CSTR anaerobic reactor digest the organic pollution in the brewery wastewater as well as the autolyzed excess yeast. Biogas from the digestion proces is desulphurized and used as an energy source.

An aerobic post-treatment removes the residual organic pollution as well as the Phosphorus, producing a wastewater, safe enough for discharge. To limit tap-water consumption, part of the treated wastewater undergoes additional treatment. The combination of AQUALITY® Ultrafiltration and LUCAS® MBR membrane technology provides a high-quality process water, ready for reuse.

The integrated solution provides clean water, reduces discharge fees and provides green power. Finally, sludge dewatering using belt-press technology reduces sludge transportation and landfill costs.


  • Maximized biogas production (4,1 kWh/HL)
  • Optimized energy consumption (1,89 kWh/HL)
  • Reduction of discharge fees


  • LUCAS® aerobic with bio N/P removal
  • AQUALITY® Ultrafiltration

Switch to sustainable beer production.

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