Operation & Maintenance

Over the last years, WATERLEAU has become a key player in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of water and wastewater treatment plants. We are operating and maintaining complex treatment facilities in all continents. With more than 200 Waterleau specialists involved in O&M services, we ensure optimal treatment efficiency for both industrial and municipal customers.


We create value from our competences in water and wastewater treatment just like our industrial clients create value from their core businesses. We both excel in what we do. Outsourcing water treatment operations can help industries stay focused on their production efficiency while we take care of the full operations and maintenance of the water and wastewater facilities. More and more clients prefer a performance commitment. Why not agree on a fixed price per m³ treated or per Nm³ biogas produced? Apart from complete O&M, Waterleau also offers the possibility of supporting- clients operations through an SLA (Service Level Agreement) enabling clients to operate their own treatment facilities at set point with the support of Waterleau process experts. For more info on SLA click here


Waterleau also acquired considerable expertise in municipal wastewater treatment and plant operation. We are a market leader in Morocco and Macau where we have built amongst the largest wastewater treatment plants within the region. We are actually operating these facilities, and are training local graduates into environmental specialists. These O&M contracts are long-term partnerships leading to a win-win situation.


To support and continuously optimize its O&M Services, Waterleau applies its cloud based and digital SmartLab® asset management tool. SmartLab is a digital dashboard equipped with artificial intelligence ensuring top efficiency: less downtime, higher reliability, lower operational costs, reduced maintenance as well as reduced chemical and energy consumption.


O&M Services are generally offered in combination with a Design and Build (D&B) proposal and are also part of a DBFO solution. In a DBFO scheme (Design, Build, Finance & Operate), WATERLEAU can provide –through collaboration with water infrastructure funds– the necessary funds for your treatment project. As such our customers are not spending any CAPEX and pay per cubic meter only. For such DBFO project a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) can be created.

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