After Sales Services

Waterleau provides a complete portfolio of services to keep your wastewater treatment plant perform at optimal capacity. Effluent treatment plants are often designed using industry specific technologies and equipment.


Waterleau online trainings

The new Waterleau on-line training center is developed for the training of Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) operators of our clients in the industry.
Online training has emerged as a critical tool to train employees quickly, efficiently, and conveniently. Expanding employee skills through online training will help every Effluent Treatment Responsible to improve the wastewater treatment plant’s Key Performance Indicators, reducing costs.

Micronutrient Mix for Anaerobic reactors

Waterleau’s Micronutrient Mix is a blend of 11 trace elements specially formulated to stimulate microorganisms and optimize the treatment performance of your anaerobic reactors. The Waterleau Micronutrient Mix improves COD removal and biogas production in all types of anaerobic reactors. You can find more information about Waterleau’s Micronuntrient Mix and how to order (USA only) in the brochure.

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