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IT/OT Software Engineer

For our Digital Team we are looking for a IT/OT Software Engineer

To strengthen our team, we are looking for a team player with a foot in both the world of

PLCs/SCADA and software development, with a passion for water & digitalization

Job description

To strengthen our team, we are looking for a team player with a foot in both the world of

PLCs/SCADA and software development, with a passion for water & digitalization

As an IT/OT Software Engineer, you will build and maintain digital solutions on the edge of our IT/OT ecosystem. Your work will tackle IIoT and Digitalization challenges at the hart of our water and wastewater treatment plants.

Using modern technologies and the Ignition platform as one of the key components of our edge solution SmartBox, you will be responsible of the development, deployment and maintenance of scalable and reliable solutions and applications. You will work closely with both the Automation team and the digital team to ensure the best possible integration of the IT/OT systems. As our internal expert on the Ignition platform, you will become the go-to person for all Ignition related questions and challenges.

Challenges will include optimizing the performance of our data infrastructure by balancing on-edge compute with cloud computing, ensuring the security of our systems and data, and developing new features and applications to visualize and interact with the data generated by our plants.

Skills and Qualifications

The three most fundamental skills for this position are:

  • Good communication: When bridging the gap between IT and OT, communication is key.

Having different stakeholders coming together and understanding each other is essential.

Being able to listen and translate their needs into technical solutions is a crucial.

  • A willingness to learn and adapt: The world of IT/OT is ever changing and new skills will always be needed.
  • Problem solving: Being able to identify and solve problems is a key skill in this position.

In addition to these, we are looking for someone with the following skills and qualifications.

  • You have worked in a development context and you have experience in modern software development practices, including version control, CI/CD, IaC tools (e.g. Terraform or Ansible) and agile methodologies.
  • Understanding of Industrial Automation and PLCs: Knowledge of industrial automation principles and familiarity with PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and industrial communication standards like OPC UA.
  • You have experience with software development in Python. Experience with Java and SQL is highly recommended, additional languages are certainly a plus.
  • You know your way around virtualization and containerization technologies like Docker and are familiar with cloud platforms like Azure, AWS or Google Cloud. In depth experience with Azure is a plus.
  • It is not your first encounter with database systems like PostgreSQL. Setting up and maintaining databases is something you are comfortable with. Basic database design principles are known to you.
  • You are able to work with Linux based systems and have experience with networking and security. Bash or ZSH are your friends.

Knowledge about the Ignition platform is a big plus. From scripting to the Perspective module, from MQTT and sparkplug B to tag management, Ignition will be an essential part of your daily work. Most of it can be learned on the job, but a head start never hurts.


  • Solution Development: Design, develop, and deploy robust industrial applications using the Ignition platform, tailored to meet client requirements and industry standards.
  • Custom Module Development: Create custom scripts and modules within Ignition to extend functionality, improve efficiency, and meet unique project needs.
  • User Interface Development: Utilize the Ignition Perspective module to develop user-friendly interfaces based on existing UI/UX Designs and Guidelines, ensuring they are intuitive and accessible.
  • Performance Optimization: Monitor and optimize the performance of Ignition applications and Data Transfer, ensuring they are reliable, efficient, and scalable.
  • Security Implementation: Implement robust security measures within Ignition applications to protect against vulnerabilities and ensure data integrity and system availability.
  • Documentation and Training: Create comprehensive documentation for developed solutions and provide training to end-users or internal teams on using and maintaining Ignition applications.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Work closely with cross-functional teams, including engineering, IT, services, and automation, to ensure cohesive project execution and alignment with business objectives.

What we offer

  • A challenging job in a international company with a strong focus on sustainability and innovation.
  • Working in a team where your input is valued and where you can make a difference.
  • Pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of water and wastewater treatment. As IT/OT Software Engineer, you will have tangible impact on your environment.
  • A competitive salary package with extra-legal benefits.

Your Team

Waterleau Digital Solutions (WDS) is an entity responsible for building, implementing and guarding the Waterleau digital strategic vision. WDS develop digital products and solutions for internal clients (e.g. Engineering, Services) and external clients (e.g. our SmartLab platform), according to the defined and identified needs, in line with the global Waterleau strategy.

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