Colleagues on Waterleau

Read what your future colleagues like about working at Waterleau.

Koen - Project manager

"I joined the Biosolids & Waste team in July 2010 and since then I spent most of my time on the exciting INDAVER project. We’ve done the engineering, construction and start-up of a plant in Antwerp, treating circa 30 000 ton of hazardous medical waste, chemical packaged and liquid waste annually. Luckily we could rely on the expertise of our colleagues of Waterleau France for the flue gas treatment and the support of our colleagues of Waterleau Dendermonde for the mechanical erection and piping activities. 

The commissioning period was without a doubt the most stressful, but thanks to the team spirit on site (many Tsjakka!-moments, “steam-team”, … ) we managed  to incinerate the first waste less than 2 years after contract signature.

Wespelaar, Belgium

Lode - Process & proposal manager

"I am a Process & Proposal Engineer, but as for the most of us, the scope of my responsibilities is rather stretched, and we’re all MacGyvers and 007’s in a way.
Besides writing proposals, audits and monitoring lab results, a Process & Proposal Engineer spends lots of time travelling in order to interfere on-site: doing additional monitoring and fine-tuning in order to make sure the biologics perform like a Swiss clock. Or auditing and following-up service level agreements which have been agreed upon between sales and client.

The job has flown me from Hebei in China, near the Mongolian border, to Keokuk, Iowa in the US. Apart from implementing my expertise in water treatment technology in so many countries, I meet lots of people and get acquainted with so many cultures."

Dendermonde, Belgium

Guillaume - Process & proposal engineer

"I spend most of my time supporting our sales team by designing state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plants.  Always a challenge!  I use my background as a Bio Engineer to figure out the best way to feed the purifying bacteria. So basically, I am a nurse or a doctor taking care of and nurturing all those fragile and hungry cells. Keeping them happy is the best way for our plants to work as they were designed for! I am part of a great team!"

Wespelaar, Belgium

Ayman - Mechanical & electrical engineer

"My responsibilities cover apart from the mechanical and electrical supervision, also the commissioning and start-up of our wastewater treatment plants.

What I like about my job? The challenge to finish a well-mastered job within the timeframe. The room for personal added value in creating smart modifications contributing to an even better performance of the plant. And last but not least: the travelling! Dealing with different people and different mentalities is so inspiring! As we say over here ‘Travelling has seven benefits!’"

Caïro, Egypt

Korneel - Sales manager

"It is not only about the technical/commercial knowledge, but speaking for myself, what probably is the most satisfying about my job, is the contact with so many different people in different cultures. Since joining Waterleau I have had so many opportunities travelling to Africa and I can say I am starting to know people over there. OK, you always have to watch out and you must remain on your guard. But most of the people are just fantastic. And having a beer with the brewery personnel in the brewery bar in the evening is always a rewarding experience."

Wespelaar, Belgium

Tim - Start-up & process manager

“For me, these first 5 years have been a rollercoaster of experiences. I have been in charge of the start-up of water treatment plants in 10 different African countries. Who else can claim that? Although the job wasn’t always easy, I’ve enjoyed working in these different environments with so many people having so different responsibilities: sales, project engineers, technicians, automation specialists, local contractors, ...  It is always satisfying when you are in that plane, heading home knowing the job is done and that plant is running smooth.“

Wespelaar, Belgium

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