HRH King Mohammed VI inaugurates the MWTP of Dakhla


On Tuesday February 9th, His Royal Highness King Mohammed VI of Morocco has inaugurated the municipal wastewater treatment plant of the city of Dakhla, designed and built by Waterleau. The sewage treatment plant will treat 10.000m ³ of sewage per day or the equivalent of 150.000 inhabitants. Waterleau’s biological wastewater treatment plant includes a tertiary treatment step allowing water reuse.

The construction of the Dakhla wastewater treatment plant is part of a national strategic and sustainable water development plan (Progamme National d’Assainissement Liquide) for Southern Morocco and financed by ONEE, Morocco’s National Water and Power Agency. The project highlights the commitment of His Royal Highness for the sustainable development and environmental protection of the Southern provinces. The Dakhla water project includes wastewater treatment, drinking water production and the construction of water distribution network.
Waterleau has designed and built the Dakhla wastewater treatment plant and will also be responsible for its operation and maintenance for the next 5 years.

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