Official opening of the Quimper biomethane production plant


On Friday March 10th, the largest biogas plant in Brittany, Western France, has been inaugurated in Guelen, near the city of Quimper. The plant, designed, built and commissioned by Waterleau for Vol-V, will produce 2.2 million m³ of bio-methane each year, feeding the GRDF grid (Gaz Réseau Distribution France) and supplying energy for 10% of Quimper’s population, or two times the annual fuel needed for the city’s public bus park.

Nearly half of the digested organic waste mix consists of manure coming from cattle and poultry farming in the Quimper vicinity. The other half is supplied by local fish canneries and slaughterhouses. The innovations of the implemented Waterleau BIOTIM® Wet AD  technology are twofold. In a pre-treatment step, the different waste streams are mixed into an homogeneous organic suspension free of inert material prior to digestion. A state-of-the-art heat and energy recovery system is implemented since for sanitary reasons, the animal waste needs to be pasteurized at 70°C during 1 hour. Waterleau France also designed the odour treatment system, consisting of an acid scrubber and a bio-filter.

The plant’s digestate will be reused as an natural organic fertilizer for the 20.000 hectares of surrounding farmland, reducing the need for procuring 60 tons of chemical fertilizers,  representing annual cost savings up to 15.000 Euro for each of the 17 adjacent farmers. The digestion process will also reduce carbon emissions by 4.222 tons of CO2.

The plant’s owner, Vol-V is a project developer in renewable energy including biogas production, with the ambition of becoming France’s number one biogas supplier with a total capacity of 500 MWh by the year 2021. Vol-V’s portfolio of biogas facilities includes 2 plants currently in operation, 4 under construction and another 9 planned in the near future. 

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