President Joseph Kabila inaugurates the Tshikapa water treatment plant


Thsikapa, Congo. June 14th 2017.

Congo’s President Joseph Kabila has inaugurated the Tshikapa drinking water plant, designed and built by Waterleau. The plant produces 50.000 m³ of potable water daily, providing safe drinking water for the Tshikapa community of 1 million people. Construction of the site, located at the banks of the Kasai river, started in 2012 to be completed in 2015. The African Development Bank has financed the project.

The official inauguration was also attended by Congo’s Vice First Minister and Interior Minister Emmanuel Ramazani Shadari, Minister of Energy Ingele Ifoto , Minister of Defense Crispin Atama Tabe, the governor of the Kasai province, Mr Marc Manyanga Ndambo and several other government officials.

This is the second drinking water production plant, designed and built by Waterleau in Congo. Apart from the Boma and Tshikapa drinking water plants, Waterleau counts more references in safe drinking water production for large communities in Morocco as well as in Saudi Arabia.

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