Waterleau acquires REITHER® Venturi scrubber technology


Waterleau has completed the acquisition of the REITHER® Venturi scrubber technology, developing its portfolio of technologies for the absorption of gases and dust abatement.

REITHER® Venturi scrubber excels in the separation of finest dusts and aerosols where electrostatic precipitators, bag filters or other separation system often show their limits. Reither® Venturi scrubber technology becomes an obvious choice when dealing with explosive, adhesives or corrosive compounds. Venturi scrubbers also found their best use in particle collection processes where it surpasses the performance of any wet scrubbing system due to the velocity and the shear forces generated by the Venturi throat optimizing contact between the gas and the liquid. The REITHER® Venturi scrubber can also combine dust abatement and gas absorption in one single stage.

A unique Venturi design

The patented REITHER® Venturi scrubber is designed with an adjustable throat cross section. The unique design leads to significant improvements in abatement while accepting variability in flow or particle concentration.

The gas stream enters the scrubber vessel where spray nozzles are installed. The acceleration of the gas velocity between two stationary cylinders creates high shear forces leading to an excellent contact between particles, gases and the scrubbing solution.  A third cylindrical displacer on a lifting rod, creates two venturi throats, one on either side of the displacer cylinder. The position of the cylinder allows the optimum throat width to be set according to the contaminant loading of the gas stream, for maximum efficiency. When actuated, the system can accommodate for variation in gas flow with no consequence on the performance.

Custom system for each application

The REITHER® Venturi is widely used for the efficient removal of acid mists, aerosols, particulate matter, and related odors.  Each scrubber is custom designed to meet any challenge for a wide range of applications. Made of various material of construction from Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the REITHER® Venturi can be used in highly corrosive atmospheres ; Units can also be made of carbon or stainless steel and special alloys.

When the simultaneous removal of dust and gases are required, the REITEHR® Venturi can be combined with packed towers WATPACK® or WATPACK SXF® KIMRE™ SCRUBBERS. Further abatement of particles can be achieved down to the sub-micron level with Brink® or BAYER-REITHER®.

Serving a wide range of industries

Waste Gas Purification

  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Dye industry
  • Glass industry
  • Iron and metal industry
  • Fertilizer industry
  • Photovoltaic and Semiconductor industry
  • Food and Flavor industry
  • Drying processes
  • Roasting and calcination processes
  • Sintering processes
  • Combustion processes
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