Waterleau cycles for the climate


As an environmental technology company and water experts, we think it is of great importance to protecting the blue planet. There is no more denying that our climate is drastically changing at a really high pace.

With this in mind, we decided to go cycling for the climate and raise money for a good cause that supports our climate. That's why we chose Ondernemers Zonder Grenzen (OZG), an organization that brings together entrepreneurs in order to raise money and awareness for the desertification in Senegal. This initiative has come up with an innovative technology and plows that will halt desertification and cultivate the infertile ground. In doing so, surface water can fertilize the grounds again during the rainy season. Good thinking combined with a passion to really change something in order to preserve our beautiful planet and eco-system.

A Waterleau team of cyclists participated in a UCI Gran Fondo race to raise awareness for climate change on Sunday 23rd of February. They even managed to grab a few stage positions and beat former world champion Erwin Vervecken. Well done team!

Let's not forget the most important part of this adventure and initiative: our sponsors!
Thanks to our generous sponsors we were able to raise a huge amount of money. The official communication of the total amount raised will be communicated on the 11th of March. We are really happy to be able to contribute to protecting our planet and climate.

Together we can achieve great things! Let's work together towards a greener environment.

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