Waterleau exports water treatment technology to Saudi Arabia


Early in October, the environmental technology specialist from Haacht signed a major contract for the design and supply of innovative water treatment technology for the new waste water treatment plant (WWTP) of the city of Taif, located 70 kilometers southeast of Mecca. 

The WWTP will initially treat the domestic wastewater of about half a million inhabitants from the most densely populated parts of Taif and will eventually be able to produce as much as 270,000 cubic meters of treated water on a daily basis. This project is part of the Saudi National Water Strategy which aims to create a sustainable water environment by 2030, protecting natural water resources and providing a cost-effective and accessible water supply.

The plant is currently under construction as a Public-Private Partnership between the Saudi Water Partnership Company and a consortium of Spanish and Saudi contractors and financial partners. The International Water Distribution Company (TAWZEA), a pioneer developer in water treatment in the kingdom of the Arabian Peninsula, will operate the WWTP along with the Spanish partner Cobra.

Waterleau’s contribution to the project in Taif is to provide its patented 'LUCAS' technology, which allows a compactly built water treatment plant operated with low energy consumption. Recent innovations in sludge treatment and smart process control make Waterleau's technology an extremely beneficial and interesting solution for such large-scale projects. Similar projects are in the pipeline for the Saudi cities of Buraidah, Tabuk and Medina.

In the past Waterleau itself was often responsible for the construction of large municipal water treatment plants, whereas today it opts for a smarter approach in which it will mainly supply technology and knowhow.  Bart Goedseels, CEO Waterleau: "Our so-called 'tech pack' approach ensures that we can concentrate on what we excel at: our innovative technology and process knowhow". To this end, Waterleau will work together with carefully selected partners who will take care of the construction and installations. TAWZEA's CEO Mohammed Halawani already has an enthusiastic outlook on the future: "Waterleau's impressive technology portfolio will allow us to work together and fulfill TAWZEA's ambitions as a  leader in Saudi Arabia".

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