Waterleau strengthens position in Macao


Having being awarded the tender for the operation and maintenance of the Taipa and Macao International Airport municipal wastewater treatment plants (MWWTP), and operating 4 out of the 5 Macao MWWTP, Waterleau secures its presence in Macao until 2022.

Waterleau has been awarded the tender for the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of the Taipa and Macao International Airport (MIA) municipal wastewater treatment plants, owned by EPA of Macao SAR (Special Administrative Region of the China territory).

The new contract includes both O&M for the Taipa and MIA treatment plants as well as a substantial technological upgrade of the larger Taipa plant. Both plants have been operated by Waterleau since 2009. The new operation & maintenance extension will come into effect as from 1 January 2018 until 31 December 2022 and has a total contract value of EUR 22 million of which O&M accounts for EUR 15 million and the technical upgrade works for EUR 7 million. The contract is the largest tender awarded to Waterleau in Macao and a confirmation of Waterleau’s expertise in the D&B as well as the O&M of municipal wastewater treatment and water recovery plants.

The retrofit of the Taipa plant includes upgrading the electro mechanical equipment as well as redesigning the pretreatment, the membrane post treatment allowing water recovery, and finally, biological odor treatment. A Waterleau/Beijing Origin Water Joint Venture will be responsible for the construction works, to be ready within 18 months.

With 4 out of 5 wastewater treatment plants built and operated by Waterleau, Waterleau has a strong track record in municipal wastewater treatment operations in Macao. Just recently in 2016 Waterleau was awarded the EUR 12 million O&M contract of the ETAR Macao plant. With the 2016 O&M contract for the ETAR Macao, and the new O&M extensions of the Taipa and MIA plants, the total Waterleau Macao workforce is now 50 FTE and the Waterleau presence in Macao secured until at least 2022.

Waterleau track record in Macao wastewater treatment Design & Build and O&M:

1.      Taipa

-        Capacity 69.000 m³/d

-        D&B upgrade by Waterleau in 2009

-        O&M Waterleau since 2009.

-        New O&M contract from 1/1/2018 until 31/12/2022

-        Contract value Taipa + MIA : EUR 22.000.000

-        JV Waterleau/ Beijing Origin Water (as from 1/1/2018)

2.      Macao International Airport :

-        Capacity 200 m³/d

-        D&B by Waterleau in 2009

-        O&M since 2009

-         Same new O&M contract from 1/1/3018 until 31/12/2022

-        JV Waterleau/ Beijing Origin Water (as from 1/1/2018)

3.      Cross Border

-        Capacity 12.000 m³/d

-        D&B by Waterleau in 2006-2008

-        O&M by Waterleau since 2009 until 30/09/2021

-        Contract Value : EUR 11.500.000

-        JV Waterleau Beijing Origin Water

4.      ETAR Macao

-        Capacity 180.000 m³/d

-        O&M by Waterleau since 1/10/2016 until 30/09/2018

-        JV Waterleau Beijing Enterprise Water Group

-        Contract value : EUR 12.000.000

5.      Coloane

-        Capacity 130.000 m³/d

-        Built by Waterleau in 2006-2008

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