Effluent treatment beverage

Waterleau delivered a wastewater treatment system for the world’s largest soft drink manufacturer to treat high-strength process wastewater. Wastewater had historically been spray irrigated on land owned by the client. When it was proposed that much of this land would be taken for a highway expansion project, the client applied for an industrial wastewater discharge permit from the city.

The system incorporates a BIOTIM® UASB anaerobic system, an up flow fixed-media aerobic stage, and Krofta® DAF in a streamlined design that includes a concrete equalization tank. Moving forward, the customer will be able to cease spray irrigation and meet new permit requirements with the local POTW. The system was designed to achieve an effluent that ultimately meets state water reclamation quality standards. The customer is working closely with city and state officials to determine how the effluent from the system can be used as reclaimed water to support community conservation projects.

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