Effluent treatment dairy

Under a design build agreement, Waterleau constructed a wastewater pretreatment plant for a fluid milk products cooperative in Upstate New York. The facility previously used a physical/chemical system to reduce total suspended solids and biological oxygen demand (BOD) in its process wastewater prior to discharge to the local POTW. This inefficient practice resulted in compliance, surcharge, and odor issues.

Waterleau installed an aerobic treatment process and Krofta Supracell dissolved air flotation (DAF) units to treat the plant process wastewater. The treatment train consists of: equalization tanks, primary treatment Krofta Supracell DAF (removes FOG and TSS), an up flow fixed media reactor for aerobic treatment, and secondary treatment Krofta Supracell DAF for final clarification. Equipment for pH control, nutrient addition and sludge storage tanks were also included.

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