Effluent treatment dairy

Under a design build agreement, Waterleau upgraded the aerated lagoons at a cheese making plant in Campbell, NY. The two 1.2 Mgal (4,540 m3) aerated lagoons were in place when Waterleau added an anaerobic treatment plant for acid whey and process wastewater. The existing fine bubble diffuser aeration grid and surface aertators were not capable of meeting either the original plant design or the new anticipated load from the anaerobic effluent.

A field evaluation and modeling check was performed to determine the design parameters for the lagoons. Waterleau completely refurbished the aeration grid and added a new high speed turbo blower to completely utilize the diffusers. Four new replacement surface aerators were added to each lagoon to augment oxygen and provide summer cooling. A PLC / SCADA system controls and monitors the entire operation.

Other improvements provided included: diversion of CIP wastewater directly to lagoons, new RAS pumps, floc tank for clarifier, repair of berms, and aeration grid for the belt filter press feed tank.

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