Effluent treatment dairy

Under a design build agreement, Waterleau constructed a wastewater pretreatment plant for a new ice cream production plant in Covington, TN. Production lines were installed and brought on line in phases over a three year period. The treatment plant was designed to handle the estimated process wastewater load of the full complement of lines and to treat off spec process water from testing and starting new lines.

Waterleau installed an aerobic treatment process and dissolved air flotation (DAF) units to treat the plant process wastewater. The treatment train consists of: screening, equalization, primary treatment Krofta Supracell DAF (removes FOG and TSS), a plastic ribbon media trickling filter for aerobic treatment, and a Krofta Supracell DAF for final clarification. Equipment for pH control, nutrient addition and sludge storage tanks were also included. A PLC/ SCADA system controls and monitors the entire operation.

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