Effluent treatment dairy

With a design supply contract, Waterleau completed the waste stream pretreatment and renewable energy system for a Swiss cheese producer. The existing direct discharge aerobic treatment system was prone to seasonal overloads. Waterleau installed a pulsed upflowsand-media anaerobic reactor to pretreat a combination of plant process wastewater and whey UF permeate. Biogas from the anaerobic reactor is fed to a cogeneration unit installed inside the cheese production plant. All the electricity and waste heat are used in the plant.

A Krofta multifloat DAF clarifies the anaerobic effluent prior to transfer to the aerobic SBR. This allowed termination of the practice of land applying permeate. Wastes from area dairies are accepted for treatment, increasing biogas production.

For similar applications, Waterleau now offers an updated reactor configuration from the BIOTIM® family of anaerobic systems.

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