Effluent treatment dairy

An ice cream manufacturing plant in Nevada needed to improve the performance of an aerated lagoon in order to consistently meet city discharge limits and reduce foaming and odors. Waterleau analyzed the system and recommended some economical plant modifications to improve the treatment performance of the process wastewater.

Under a design build contract Waterleau supplied: mixers for the equalization and sludge tanks, improved pH controls, a pretreatment Krofta Multifloat DAF to remove FOG, modifications to the surface aerators and clarification systems, sludge storage tank and a complete system automation and control package. An odor control system for treating tank headspace vapors in the aerated lagoon was also added.

Waterleau made full use of all existing infrastructure including equalization and sludge tanks, surface aerators, and abandoned clarifiers.

A Krofta DAF rental unit provided interim treatment during the design and early construction phases of the project. The system modifications and controls changes were all made without shutting down the treatment system.

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