Effluent treatment dairy

Waterleau constructed a process wastewater treatment system for a kosher cheese plant near Lowville, NY. The facility produces specialty kosher dairy products – such as milk, cheese, and yogurt – and generates process and high-strength wastewater that has been historically trucked offsite for disposal. Waterleaus’s customized treatment system incorporates Krofta dissolved air flotation (DAF) and an aerobic fixed media up flow reactor to provide an effective and total end-of-pipe solution for the facility.

The new treatment system collects and treats the wastewater that was segregated and shipped offsite for disposal. The system includes primary DAF clarification, followed by biological treatment in an aerated media bioreactor three tank system, with final clarification in a second DAF. The effluent from the second DAF is polished by multi-media pressure filters prior for final discharge to the Black River.

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