Effluent treatment dairy

Waterleau provided an anaerobic system to treat process wastewater from a natural cheese manufacturer under a design build contract. One of the two existing anaerobic CSTR tanks was converted to a BIOTIM® upflow anaerobic contact (UAC) system. The
second CSTR is no longer needed for treating the wastewater is now used as a sludge storage tank.

Distribution grid, standpipe, vacuum degas tank and BIOTIM® Sepaflocs were retrofit into the plant treatment train. Waterleau was able to effectively use the floating cover, biogas collection system, boiler, heat exchanger and flare from the existing CSTRs for the
new UAC.

The single BIOTIM® UAC pretreats the wastewater upstream of an activated sludge system. Clarified aerobic effluent is direct discharged.

Waterleau performed the retrofit work without shutting down the treatment process or interrupting cheese production.

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