Effluent treatment dairy

Waterleau designed and built the wastewater pretreatment and renewable energy system for a cultured dairy processor of brand name yogurt and cottage cheese products. The manufacturing facility is located in rural northern New York and relies on No. 6 fuel oil and electricity as its main energy sources. The existing direct discharge aerobic treatment system was prone to seasonal overloads, odor complaints, and high operating costs. Waterleau installed a pulsed upflow sand-media anaerobic reactor to pretreat segregated high-strength waste streams and reduce the load on the existing system.

Waterleau’s wastewater pretreatment system processes high-strength dairy waste byproducts – including CIP first rinse, acid whey, and yogurt slop – generating high quality biofuel within a small constructed footprint. In addition to the wastes produced in their manufacturing facility, the client accepts wastes from area dairies for treatment, increasing the amount of renewable energy generated.

For similar applications, Waterleau now offers an updated reactor configuration from the BIOTIM® family of anaerobic systems.

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