Effluent treatment dairy

Waterleau provided a complete anaerobic/aerobic treatment system for treating dairy high strength byproducts and dairy process wastewater under a design supply contract. Local processors haul byproduct waste to this merchant plant for treatment and conversion to energy. Process wastewater is pumped from a local dairy directly to the treatment plant.

The plant included two BIOTIM® upflow anaerobic contactor (UAC) reactors, a two stage moving bed bioreactor (MBBR), and two Krofta dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems. Two customer supplied cogeneration engines convert biogas to electricity. Waste heat form the engines is used to heat the anaerobic reactors. A belt filter press dewaters waste aerobic and anaerobic sludge.

The constructed volume of each reactor was 2,050,000 gal (7,760 m³) making this the largest UAC installation in the USA.

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