Effluent treatment distillery

Under a design build agreement, Waterleau constructed a treatment system to manage the whole stillage from the whiskey making process for the world’s oldest operating bourbon whiskey distillery. After evaluating options to the traditional, energy intensive “dry house” process, the client selected Waterleau’s total solution that incorporates screw press solids separation, high-rate anaerobic treatment using a pulsed up flow sand media anaerobic reactor, a Krofta multifloat DAF and a modified activated sludge system (Advent-Environ’s AIS Technology). Tanks and equipment from an existing wastewater system was also incorporated into the design.

The entire treatment system uses a relatively small amount of energy to operate – compared to a dry house – and generates biogas as a renewable energy source to offset natural gas use in the distillery. The entire system was designed to accommodate a planned 50% expansion of the distillery’s production capacity.

For similar anaerobic treatment applications, Waterleau now offers an updated reactor configuration from the BIOTIM® family of anaerobic systems.

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