Effluent treatment winery

Under a design & build contract, Waterleau completed the first installation of pulsed upflow anaerobic reactor for the treatment of winery wastes. Waterleau installed a 2-module pulsed upflow sand-media anaerobic pretreatment system to replace an aging and costly aerobic system. The new system was designed to treat 100,000 gpd (380 m³/d) and COD 4,200 lbs/d (1,900 kg/d).  While the production capacity of the winery had previously been constrained by the limitations of the wastewater system, the installation of the anaerobic reactors provided a high-rate, small footprint, modular system that effectively eliminated this problem. In 2001, the system was easily expanded to include a 3rd module, which increased the treatment capacity by 50%.

For similar applications, Waterleau now offers an updated reactor configuration from the BIOTIM® family of anaerobic systems.  

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