Effluent treatment winery

Waterleau was challenged to develop a wastewater treatment solution to effectively manage the process wastewater flows and loads from a winery in BC Canada. The system designed utilized the BIOTIM® UASB technology as part of a skid-mounted system that provides operational flexibility during the winery crush season. The system offered ease of installation, operational simplicity, and reliable treatment to manage daily flows and loads throughout the year.

Waterleau’s unique design includes four skids, which were fabricated and assembled offsite for ease of installation upon delivery: a 14-foot diameter anaerobic reactor; heating, feeding and recycle pumping skid; a biogas handling and flare skid; and an odor control system. A venturi air eductor was used on the gravity effluent line to reduce odors at the city aeration lagoon. This project was completed under a design supply agreement. The client elected to have Waterleau nominated general contractor to install the equipment.

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