Micronutrient Mix for Anaerobic reactors

Krofta’s Micronutrient Mix is a blend of 11 trace elements specially formulated to stimulate microorganisms and optimize the treatment performance of your anaerobic reactors. The Krofta Micronutrient Mix improves COD removal and biogas production in all types of anaerobic reactors.

By relieving micronutrient deficiency, our mix helps:

  • Stimulate microbial activity
  • Improve COD removal rates
  • Increase biogas production
  • Decrease VFA residual

It’s safe and effective for all types of anaerobic reactors, including digesters, contact systems, CSTRs, UASBs, ICs, and filters. And it can be delivered into the reactor feed via metering pumps or directly into the reactor tank, with the option of timed-batch or continuous dosing.

With more than 50 years of combined plant experience, Krofta’s Micronutrient Mix has helped improve the performance of anaerobic wastewater treatment systems in many industries, including dairy, beverage, winery, and paper. And we can help you, too.

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