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Mobile solutions: WaterleauBox®

Compact and modular Water Technology

Containerized solutions for every treatment step

WaterleauBox® is a range of smart water technologies, reimagined as boxed, mobile and plug-and play solutions.

With a WaterleauBox® available for every single step of the water technology train, we can help you pick the right box needed for getting your treatment facility back on track.

No need for drastic interventions, the WaterleauBox® solution is designed for easy deployment.

Upgrading an existing facility step by step

With more wastewater available, you might want to unfold the energy potential of your factory wastewater. Our WaterleauBox® anaerobic tower is a compact solution for turning the organic pollution of wastewater into biogas. The compact, containerized solution is designed for easy deployment into an existing treatment plant. The recovered biogas will help cutting down your factory energy and carbon footprint.

WaterleauBox® provides a solution to cut the water footprint too. Connect our containerized Membrane Bioreactor to your aerobic treatment and make sure your effluent quality will comply with discharge regulations. Or be ready for reuse.

With high quality effluent available, it takes just one more box to increase your factory plant water efficiency. Our compact high recovery reverse osmosis unit guarantees up to 90 % water recovery, returning top quality drinking water to your factory.

A capex-free solution

WaterleauBox® is designed for maximum flexibility. All Waterleau Box units are available as rental units. No CAPEX needed for upgrading your existing plant.

Connected to our SmartLab digital platform

Every WaterleauBox® is connected to our SmartLab® Cloud platform. With information available 24/7, our Waterleau experts make sure your WaterleauBox® solution achieves maximum performance at minimum cost.

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Transform Water Treatment with SmartLab® Technology

Transform Water Treatment with SmartLab® Technology

Cloud-based and digital platform for intelligent water management.

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Financial solutions: WaterLease

Financial solutions: WaterLease

Unlock financial resources and pay per drop

From technology pack to turnkey plants

From technology pack to turnkey plants
From design to commissioning, all the necessary skills are available to ensure the flawless execution of any…

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