Off gases and flue gases are often polluted by particulates, aerosols, acid gases or other noxious chemical substances that need to be removed before being discharged into the atmosphere. Our main air pollution control systems include chemical pollutants abatement, dust removal, flue gas treatment, VOC and odour control, as well as biogas treatment.

Chemical pollutants abatement

Our range of packed bed scrubbers is capable of absorbing and separating chemical pollutants such as alkaline or acid compounds, sulfur or nitrogen compounds, toxic gases, solid particles as well as aerosols.

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Industrial dust removal

Our expertise in wet scrubbing systems is particularly adapted for the removal of coarse and fine particulates generally composed of nitrates, sulfates, organic carbon, heavy metals or black carbon.  

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Fertilizer dust removal

Our tailor made solution for the fertilizer industry is designed to treat Urea dust and escaping ammonia in the exhaust of fluidized bed urea granulation plants.

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Flue gas treatment

Waste and sludge treatment, co-incineration as well as energy production plants generate gaseous effluents containing acid, soluble salts and dusts mixed with heavy metals, dioxins and other pollutants. Our flue gas treatment systems are tailor made for each specific industry.

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VOC treatment

Our range of biological and thermal oxidation technologies is designed to treat any flow and concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) coming from paint production, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical or other industries.

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Odour control

Our biofilter technology is increasingly used to abate the nitrogen or sulfur-based compounds causing unpleasant odours as well as volatile organic compounds (VOC) originating from a very wide range of industrial processes.

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Biogas treatment

Desulphurization of biogas will increase life duration of combustion engines while reducing running costs. Waterleau’s proprietary BELGAS® scrubber technology is a low CAPEX and OPEX desulphurization technology for (bio)gas treatment.

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Chlorination is well-known to be the best solution for treating biologically fouled seawater. Waterleau’s STERELEC® electrochlorinator is a safe and reliable method of producing chlorine on-site.

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