New energy from solid waste

Our Waste-to-Energy technologies include solutions for the incineration and energy recovery from industrial waste, hazardous and medical waste. Different waste combustion systems exist, based on the nature of the waste (rotary kiln, fluidized bed, gas burner, liquid burner). Waterleau has proprietary technology for each of these systems (see also thermal treatment of industrial and medical waste).

Solid waste incineration

Depending on the mixture of the combustible fraction and inert material, solid waste has a heating value of anywhere from 4 to 40 MJ/kg. The higher the heating value, the more its potential as source of energy. When the combustible matter mainly is organic in origin, this energy is called renewable or sustainable.

During incineration or combustion, the energy in the waste is released through oxidation at high temperature. In a boiler the thermal energy of the flue gases is transferred to a heat carrying medium such as steam, hot water, hot thermal oil which can then be used for heating purposes, or for power generation (steam turbine).


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