Integrated sludge treatment

The combination of sludge drying and sludge incineration is a proven set-up for treatment of excess sludge. Sludge drying increases the heating value of sludge above the threshold of autothermal combustion, which allows energy recuperation to cover the energy consumption of the dryer.

Integrated treatment of sludge

Sludge drying requires energy (heat), sludge incineration produces heat. As a consequence a ‘natural’ synergy between the two thermal treatment methods is a logical next step. Several projects, mainly on large wastewater treatment plants are currently being developed making use of this combination.

The next step is to combine the sludge digestion (BIOTIM® solids) with gas engines in CHP, sludge drying (HYDROGONE® horizontal disk dryer) and HELIOSOLIDS® sludge incineration, with treatment of all side streams (e.g. ammonia stripping, BELAIR® flue gas treatment). Very few players have all the necessary knowhow in house to set up these complex, integrated treatment systems. It leads to additional benefits over segregated treatments and is a unique example of advantages of a wide technology portfolio.


  • Optimal energy recovery from sludge: biogas + heat
  • Total elimination of sludge excess
  • No additional fuel for stable combustion necessary


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