Sludge drying

Sludge drying is the process of transforming sludge into useful products or green fuel. Removal of water reduces storage volume and transportation costs. Thermal drying is used to achieve up to 80% volume reduction and up to 90% weight reduction.

Thermal drying of sludge

Waterleau proposes two types of indirect dryers: HYDROGONE® horizontal disc dryer and PUTTART® vertical dryer granulator, with its small-scale version called LILLIPUT®. The choice between both types depends on the desired capacity and the DS (Dry Solids) content of the dried product.


  • Up to >80% volume reduction
  • Up to >90% weight reduction to reduce transport and disposal costs
  • Use of dry product as soil conditioner or fertilizer in agriculture
  • Use of dry product for renewable energy production
  • Final product is dry, sanitized, odorless and can be in powder or granular form


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