At Waterleau, we develop and supply technologies to clean polluted water, as well as technologies to purify water to drinking water quality or to make process water for the industry. For every problem of water treatment, we design the most appropriate solution, from the technical, ecological or economic point of view.

Industrial wastewater

We help industries setting new standards in responsible water management. Our solutions include aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment enabling biogas production as well as membrane technologies allowing water reuse, reducing the plants energy and water footprint.

Our track record counts more than 400 references for water treatment in different industries.

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Municipal wastewater

We are pioneers in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. Our urban or municipal wastewater treatment plants are amongst the largest on the African continent. We design the most appropriate biological wastewater treatment systems producing clean water that can be discharged safely into the environment or reused for irrigation after a tertiary disinfection treatment step.

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Drinking water

Our drinking water solutions make it possible to produce safe drinking water for large communities and for the industry. Our emergency water production units can be deployed quickly in disaster struck communities.

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Process Water

Our proprietary membrane filtration technology produces tailor made process water from any source, and allows closing the loop in the water cycle turning biological effluent into potable and process water quality.

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Water reuse

At Waterleau, we combine our technologies from wastewater, process and drinking water to close the water cycle: in order to reduce the water footprint, water intake is restricted to a minimum, wastewater water is treated and recycled into the production process or prepared for irrigation and even for human consumption.

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Membrane bio-reactor

Where space is scarce, a wastewater treatment plant’s footprint can be limited by replacing the sedimentation step by a compact membrane water/sludge separation device, which produces a high-quality effluent and reduces the volume of the bioreactor.

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When dependent on seawater or brackish water as a source for drinking or process water, salt and minerals have to be removed. Our portfolio of membrane filtration technologies is designed for efficient desalination of the water intake.

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