Water reuse

At Waterleau, we combine our technologies from wastewater, process and drinking water to close the water cycle: in order to reduce the water footprint, water intake is restricted to a minimum, wastewater water is treated and recycled into the production process or prepared for irrigation and even for human consumption.

Membrane bio-reactors

ATLANTIS® and X-TRACTOR® are our proprietary membrane bio-reactor (MBR) wastewater treatment technologies for municipal and industrial waste water allowing the filtrate to be ready for reuse or for further treatment by EXSEL® reverse osmosis.

Membrane filtration

The BOOMERANG® water reuse technology makes use of AQUALITY® membrane filtration prior to an EXSEL® reverse osmosis for the production of process or drinking water from industrial bio-effluent, treated in a conventional BIOTIM® or in a compact LUCAS® wastewater treatment process.

Teriairty treatment or effluent polishing

Even without implementing MBR or membrane technology, tertiary treatment and effluent polishing during the municipal wastewater treatment process allow the treated water to be ready for restoring groundwater level, for reuse in agriculture, or for further treatment into safe drinking water.

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