BELAIR® biofilter

BELAIR® is our two-stage biofiltration technology for the destruction of VOC’s and odours.

The concept, called BELAIR® biofilter is based on the experience of Waterleau in the field of physico-chemical and biological air treatment.


The BELAIR® biofilter utilizes micro-organisms immobilized on an inert packing material contained in a suitable vessel through which a humidifying medium is recirculated. As in the bio scrubber, the pollutants (H2S, VOC) are first transferred from the gas phase to the water phase, and then to the biofilm attached to the packing, where they are oxidized by the micro-organisms.


  • Relatively low capital cost
  • Very low operating cost
  • High VOC and odour destruction
  • Environment friendly technology – no chemicals or supplemental fuels required
  • Proven technology (>120 references)
  • High availability
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