KIMRE mist elimination and particulate removal

Through its exclusive distribution agreement with KIMRETM, Waterleau offers superior solutions for mist elimination and particulate removal. From process components supply to turnkey solutions, our process engineers have built extensive knowledge in all areas of emission control. With a wide range of applications, our demisting and particulate removal technologies have been succesfully implemented in nearly every industry. 

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Unique filament design for maximum demisting capacity

The patented KIMRETM design offers superior collection efficiencies. The interlaced pyramidal mesh structure of thermoplastic filaments and the high percentage of the filaments perpendicular to the gas flow guarantees maximal demisting surface area and void space.

The unique, innovative concept is far superior to traditional tower pack chevrons and mesh pads used for mass transfer, particulate removal and mist elimination.

KIMRETM Demisters : A design that suits the process

Demister and scrubbing pads from KIMRETM are available in differing mesh coarseness and materials adapted for maximal particle or droplet removal across a wide range of operating conditions. Adding or changing layers with different filament diameters to meet changing process conditions is particularly easy: the flexible design allows access through almost any entryway.

KIMRETM B-GON Demister features and benefits

  • Highest collection efficiency of any mesh-type media: > 99 % @ 1 µm
  • Composite pads of various mesh styles for process optimization
  • Handling of widest range of gas velocities and contaminant levels
  • High resistance to fouling
  • Lower pressure drops compared to traditional knitted mesh
  • Custom fabrication for any vessel configuration and orientation
  • Cleanable & reusable
  • Wide range of materials available, to meet any level of temperature and corrosion requirements

KIMRETM KON-TANE scrubber packing features and benefits

  • Highest liquid to gas ratio available
  • Exceptional mass transfer properties contained in minimal thickness
  • One-piece construction
  • Easy installation
  • Maintains uniform volume and flow
  • Exceptional transfer in cross-flow scrubbers with minimal pressure drops
  • Can easily be retrofitted in existing equipment



Evaporators • Concentrators • Wet Scrubbers • Drying Towers • Knock Out Pots • Absorption Towers • Separators • Distillation Columns • Strippers • Cooling Towers • Air Intakes • Gas Coolers • Emergency Scrubbers • Dust Scrubbers • Electrostatic Precipitators • Rotary Kiln • Granulators • Spray Dryers • Extraction Columns • Paint Spray Booths • Humidifiers • Vacuum Scrubbers • Flash Coolers • Calciners • Prill Towers • Tank Vents • Laboratory Hoods • Condensers



Fertilizer Producers • Sulfuric Acid Producers • Semiconductor Manufacturers • Marine Vessels • Power Plants • Pulp and Paper Plants • Animal Feed Plants • Chlor-Alkali Plants • Petrochemical Plants • General Chemical Plants • High Purity Chemical Producers • Waste Water Treatment Plants • Utilities • Automotive Plants • Rendering Plants • Desalination • Surface Finishers • Incinerators • Food and Agricultural Plants • Metallurgical Industry • Remediation Plants

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