TURBULAIRE® dust removal scrubber

The TURBULAIRE® scrubber is Waterleau's proprietary technology and is particularly adapted to treat airflows up to 800.000 m³/h, with dust levels to 30g/m³ and particles up to 3 µm.  

TURBULAIRE® technology

Using liquid to collect dust particles, the TURBULAIRE® dust scrubber combines a low energy variable venturi throat and high velocity gas impaction on the liquid surface. This combination results in high efficiency dust scrubbing with a minimal amount of energy.

The TURBULAIRE® scrubber can be equipped if necessary with a final demister, a sub-cooling section or an absorption section.


  • Gas flow : up to 800 000 m3/h
  • Particle size distribution : > 3 µm
  • Dust concentration : < 30 g/m3


  • Sugar industry (lime kiln, pulp dryer, sugar dryer/cooler)
  • Fertilizer industry (fluidized bed dryer, cooler, granulator)
  • Combustion and incineration (bagasse boiler, coal or fuel oil boiler)
  • Paper pulp industry (lime kiln, paper dust)


  • Exemplary performances with low energy demand
  • Simple to operate
  • Large range of flow rates (up to 800.000 m³/h)
  • System upgradable to new regulations
  • Nearly maintenance free
  • No moving parts
  • Virtually no plugging risk
  • Minimal liquid effluent blow-down rate
  • Reliable and economical design proven by hundreds of installations operating worldwide
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