The BIOTIM® CSTR (Continuously Stirred) is a continuous agitated reactor equipped with a sludge separation tool, and without sludge recycle. Inside the methane reactor the active anaerobic sludge is kept in suspension by mechanical mixing.

Biogas production

The BIOTIM® CSTR is our solution for treating very concentrated wastewaters or to digest sludge and/or (suspended) solids originating from the agro-industries or the agriculture. The BIOTIM® CSTR can be operated using either mesophilic or thermophilic cultures. In the latter case, the BIOTIM® CSTR is the appropriate technology for the digestion of fat or protein-rich materials like slaughterhouse waste or waste from the dairy industry.


  • Very concentrated bio-effluents and biosolids: 150-250 kg COD/m³
  • Potato waste, maize, mixed bio-waste
  • Kitchen and restaurant waste
  • Organic fraction of Municipal Solid Waste


  • High loading capacity
  • High COD removal efficiency
  • High gas production
  • Low sludge production
  • Robustness
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