The BIOTIM® UAC (Upflow Anaerobic Contact) is particularly adapted for wastewater showing no or less granule formation and requiring a longer hydraulic retention time.

Biogas production

The BIOTIM® UAC allows some biomass accumulation in the lower part of the reactor. This hybrid reactor (combination of UASB and AC reactor design) features no agitation mechanism as is the case for the BIOTIM® AC Anaerobic Contact reactor but is equipped with a sophisticated influent distribution system similar to the one for the BIOTIM® UASB reactor.

In the BIOTIM® UAC reactor design, the three-phase separator (located on the roof of the BIOTIM® UASB reactor), is replaced by an external cross-flow parallel plate separator of our newest design: BIOTIM® sepafloc


High loaded bio-effluents from food & beverage industry: 2-20 kg COD/m³


  • Small footprint
  • High loading capacity
  • High COD removal efficiency
  • High gas production
  • Low anaerobic effluent TSS values
  • Robustness
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