BIOTIM® wet AD (Anaerobic Digestion)

BIOTIM® wet AD is an integrated solution for the anaerobic digestion of biomass with a relatively low percentage of dry matter.

In the BIOTIM® wet AD design, apart from biogas production, the solid fraction of the digestate is turned into fertilizer or compost, while the liquid fraction is turned into clean water and a valuable nutrient fertilizer, making it a zero-discharge solution for biomass treatment.

Anaerobic digestion of KRW

The BIOTIM® wet AD design includes pretreatment (sieving, mixing), followed by a hygienization step preventing contamination before the biomass digestion in a CSTR digester working under mesophilic or thermophilic conditions. The produced methane undergoes a desulphurization step in a BELGAS® bio scrubber which uses active sludge from the BIOTIM® aerobic water treatment as a washing medium. The biogas is then converted into heat and power, used to heat the digester and operate the plant.

The solid part of the digestate can be either turned into a high standard fertilizer after drying in Waterleau’s HYDROGONE® dryer, or mixed with structure material and composted into a commercial product. The liquid fraction can be treated in a BIOTIM® aerobic post treatment to remove all volatile carbon. The effluent is evaporated to produce a valuable fertilizer (NPK) concentrate. Odours, coming from the buffer tanks and post-treatment of the liquid fraction are treated in a BELAIR® biotrickling/biofilter. 


  • Kitchen & restaurant waste
  • Waste and concentrates from agro-industry
  • Manure, chicken litter
  • Protein riche slaughterhouse waste
  • Bio crops
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