TURNOVER® rotary kiln

TURNOVER® is Waterleau’s proprietary rotary kiln incineration technology for the incineration of industrial and hazardous waste. The rotating kiln allows a perfect mixing and combustion of solid and liquid hazardous waste.

Rotary kiln

A rotary kiln is a horizontally mounted large metal tube with a refractory lining. Products are incinerated in the kiln, which slowly rotates, thereby creating the necessary mixing and transport action. In contrast to a grate furnace, the TURNOVER® rotary kiln can accept liquid or slurry waste and also toxic waste. There are no siftings. Rotary kilns have, compared to grate furnaces, a limited throughput capacity.

Flue gas treatment

The flue gas cleaning system is a sophisticated four step treatment design consisting of:

  • Electrostatic precipitator (ESP) for dust removal
  • DYNAWAVE® acid wet scrubber for the removal of most of the acids (HCl, HF, SOx…)
  • DYNAWAVE® neutral wet scrubber for the removal of the remaining acids. Both scrubbers use limestone (CaCO3) as neutralizing agent
  • Wet dioxin adsorption system


  • Mixtures of liquid, gaseous, solid wastes, sludges
  • Toxic or hazardous waste including medical waste
  • Small to medium capacity (250 kg/h to 6 TPH)


  • Wide range of heating value: 3 to 45 MJ/kg
  • Destruction efficiency >99,9999 %
  • Low emission levels for CO, NOx, CxHy
  • Efficient energy recovery w/wo air preheater
  • Turn-down ratio of 1/3
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