BIOTIM® anaerobic wastewater treatment

At Waterleau, we are a top-3 player in the field of anaerobic wastewater treatment, offering a complete range of adapted anaerobic reactor types, capable of treating wastewater and biosolids with different organic loads and dry matter contents.  

Anaerobic treatment

Anaerobic treatment is based on complex microbiological processes, in which the organic pollution in the water is transformed into to a mixture of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), called biogas.


In recent years, anaerobic wastewater treatment has become a technology of growing importance, especially for highly polluted wastewater. Two major advantages of anaerobic wastewater treatment explain its progress at the expense of the classic aerobic activated sludge treatment:

  • Production of biogas which can be used for electricity production and/or heating purposes
  • Sludge growth is significantly less compared with the aerobic treatment

Anaerobic reactor range



Due to ever more stringent requirements for removal efficiencies of COD, BOD and nutrients, an aerobic post treatment is often required (see LUCAS® anaerobic-aerobic and BIOTIM® aerobic).

Membrane technology

Advanced membrane technologies such as AQUALITY® membrane filtration followed by EXSEL® desalination ensure emission standards are met or the water ready for reuse into the production process.

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