BOOMERANG® water reuse

When groundwater permits are becoming subject of discussion and the cost of both drinking water and wastewater discharge start soaring, it becomes economically viable for industries to reduce the water footprint by recycling the bio-effluent.

Reduced water footprint

Our BOOMERANG® water reuse solution enables the production of drinking water by recycling biologically treated effluent that has been polished by AQUALITY® membrane filtration and EXSEL® RO desalination.

With the integration of our BOOMERANG® water reuse technology, the amount of wastewater discharged as well as the drinking water and groundwater intake can decrease substantially.

BOOMERANG® water re-use technology train

  1. BIOTIM® or LUCAS® wastewater treatment
    or ATLANTIS® or X-TRACTOR® Membrane Bio Reactor
  2. AQUALITY® membrane filtration
  3. EXSEL® RO desalination
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