LUCAS® aerobic wastewater treatment

The LUCAS® water technology is a ultra-compact and intelligent solution for the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater. It combines the advantages of conventional technology and the SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor) technology.

The modular system of the LUCAS® technology offers a high-performance, low-cost and compact solution for the treatment of every type of wastewater, organic concentration and nutrient load, even with strong variations in water flow.

Cyclic activated sludge system

In its most typical design, the LUCAS® aerobic system consists of 3 hydraulically interconnected tanks with common walls and identical configuration. Each tank alternates one of the 3 processes of biological wastewater treatment: accumulation, regeneration and sedimentation. The optimal alternation of the 3 processes in each of the tanks depends on wastewater characteristics during each phase and is controlled by our MAKE SENSE® control & monitoring system, ensuring maximum efficiency and limiting operational costs.

LUCAS® lamella design

Depending on the flow and organic load, one or more tanks can be added. Steeper tanks equipped with lamella settlers allow to design even compacter plants.

LUCAS® nutrients removal

LUCAS® N-DN is the LUCAS® system with additional enhanced biological nutrients removal. Biological COD, N and P removal is achieved by manipulating three biochemical reactions (aerobic, anoxic, and anaerobic) to perform a nitrification, de-nitrification and P removal process.


  • Compact, modular and flexible
  • Continuous operation
  • Constant reactor level & volume
  • Identical reactor configuration
  • Complete control
  • Optimal performance
  • Reduced cost & construction time

LUCAS® industrial aerobic wastewater designs

  • LUCAS®-3: the LUCAS® standard unit equipped with 3 reactor units
  • LUCAS®-1, LUCAS®-2: our LUCAS® light designs for wastewater with limited flow or COD load
  • LUCAS two stage aerobic: 2 LUCAS® systems in series (high load & low load)
  • LUCAS® N-DN: LUCAS® aerobic treatment including biological nutrient removal
  • LUCAS® closing-the-loop: advanced aerobic treatment including effluent recycling
  • LUCAS® plug & play: a fast track erection steel tank plant design
  • LUCAS® anaerobic-aerobic: biogas production with aerobic post treatment

LUCAS® municipal wastewater designs

  • LUCAS® multiple-lane: our LUCAS® design for large municipal wastewater flows
  • LUCAS® ultra-compact: our high-capacity and small-footprint LUCAS® design
  • LUCAS® undercover and LUCAS® chameleon designs for perfect visual integration


"More than 100 LUCAS® wastewater treatment plants have been built for treating urban and industrial wastewater throughout the world"

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