At Waterleau, we develop and supply technologies to clean polluted water, as well as technologies to purify water to drinking water quality or to make process water for the industry. For every problem of water treatment, we design the most appropriate solution, from the technical, ecological or economic point of view.

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Off gases and flue gases are often polluted by particulates, aerosols, acid gases or other noxious chemical substances that need to be removed before being discharged into the atmosphere. Our main air pollution control systems include chemical pollutants abatement, dust removal, flue gas treatment, VOC and odour control, as well as biogas treatment.

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Waterleau has developed technologies for the treatment of sludge, the unstable end-product of wastewater treatment, as well as thermal treatment solutions for all kinds of industrial and municipal solid, liquid and gaseous waste streams.

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New Energy

Waterleau has acquired substantial know-how in the production of green energy from water and sludge treatment, from waste and from biomass. Waterleau owns and operates a zero-discharge biomass-to-energy plant, which is its R&D center for the development of advanced anaerobic digestion technologies.

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