Our R&D activity is the core of our innovation program. Through technology development and acquisition, we help our clients implementing reliable, efficient and safe solutions for the reduction of their water-, energy-, waste-, and carbon footprint.


Our range of conventional BIOTIM®, compact LUCAS® and membrane based technologies for biological wastewater treatment allows the treatment of any wastewater flow or organic load. A top-3 player in anaerobic digestion, our portfolio of anaerobic reactors turns wastewater into a valuable energy source.

Our AQUALITY®, EXSEL® and BOOMERANG® membrane technologies produce safe drinking and process water from any source.

WATERPROOF® and WATER-ON-THE-ROCKS® are both solutions for the production of drinking water, based on conventional and proprietary membrane technology.

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We are a one-stop-shop provider of air and gas treatment solutions, based on know-how acquired from MECS-DuPont, BAYER, REITHER, KIMRE and Socrematic.

Our range of venturi, double venturi and tray scrubbers as well as our absorption media and mist eliminators are particularly adapted to treat each type of gas flow. Our thermal and biological oxidation technology are high capacity and low cost solutions for the destruction of odours and VOC’s.

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Our waste treatment solutions include technologies for the treatment of sludge, separated organic waste as well as solid waste.

After dewatering and prior to drying, sludge can be digested in our BIOTIM® solids reactor to produce biogas. Our HYDROGONE® horizontal disk dryer and PUTTART® vertical dryer granulator will further reduce sludge volume. The dried sludge can be reused as a fuel for autothermal sludge incineration in our HELIOSOLIDS® fluidized bed incinerator.

Our ENERGIZE® multi-grate incinerator, TURNOVER® rotary kiln and HELIOSOLIDS® fluidized bed incinerator are designed for the thermal treatment of municipal, industrial, and hazardous waste.

Organic waste is digested making use of our BIOTIM® Wet and Dry AD technologies.

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New energy

Our range of LUCAS® and BIOTIM® anaerobic reactors is capable of converting organic pollution from wastewater into methane gas, the main component of biogas.

BIOTIM® solids is our technology for biogas production from wastewater sludge. BIOTIM® wet AD and BIOTIM® dry AD are designed for biogas production from source separated organic waste (kitchen and restaurant waste, manure, energy crops...).

Our Waste-to-Energy solutions include the TURNOVER® rotary kiln for energy recovery from industrial, hazardous and medical waste. Our HELIOSOLIDS® is particularly adapted for energy recovery from sludge and oily sludge.

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