WATERLEAU provides a range of peace of mind services for keeping your treatment plant running as designed. From audits, training, IIoT automation to full outsourced operation. Let us take care of your treatment plant uptime, so you can focus on production optimization and value creation.

Consultancy Services: audit, training & feed studies

Studies & Proof of Concept Testing

We analyze and optimize your existing plant. A new design or an upgrade proposal can be simulated in our WATERLEAU laboratory

On site Process & Technical Audits

Process and technical audits will identify potential problems and help to reconfigure your plant to its optimum set point. 

Online & Classroom Training

The performance of a water or wastewater treatment plant depends on the training of its operators. WATERLEAU has developed a comprehensive Online Training Center but on-site classroom training is also available.


Outsourced Operations & Support

WATERLEAU can assist you in operating your water or wastewater treatment plant. From SLA, to full O&M our solutions will significantly improve your plants uptime. And what about our water-as-a-service solution, allowing you to avoid CAPEX and pay per cubic meter instead. Whatever your choice, our SmartLab® digital dashboard will keep you updated in real time on KPI’s that matter.

Service Level Agreements (SLA): maximal uptime.

An SLA keeps the doctor away. An SLA is indeed your best insurance against unforeseen downtime. With an SLA, our engineers will monitor your plant from the Waterleau HQ control room making sure your water or wastewater treatment plant will perform at optimal capacity and minimum operating cost.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M): total peace of mind

Since production efficiency and value creation are your priorities, let us take care of your water and wastewater operations. By outsourcing Operations &Maintenance to treatment experts, you can keep the focus on your core business.

DBFO & Mobile Water : Water as a service

Want to spend the CAPEX on the expansion of the factory rather than on an expansion of your water or wastewater treatment plant? WATERLEAU can take care of the Design & Build part of the plant, the Operation and Maintenance and we can even provide the necessary funding.

SmartLab® Digital Dashboard & Artificial Intelligence

SmartLab® transforms your complex process facility into an easy-to use management dashboard. This dashboard provides real time information anywhere, anytime and on any device to check trending and KPI’s. Relying on smart algorithms, SmartLab® is capable of detecting trends and anomalies and even suggest corresponding corrective actions. This considerably increases the performance and reliability of the plant.


Spare Parts

The availability of spare parts is key in order to ensure maximum uptime of your water or wastewater treatment plant. Having the right spares in stock will eliminate downtime and extends the plants overall lifetime.

Spare Parts Made Easy : undisrupted uptime

WATERLEAU can organize your spare parts management and ensure that all critical spares are always available at your site. Our SmartPart® app allows QR Scanning of individual TAG Plates automatically generating all spare parts information.


Chemicals & Consumables

WATERLEAU offers a range of chemicals and related services to optimize and safeguard the treatment plant’s operation. From root sludge for accelerating reactor start-ups and micronutrient mixes for higher biogas yield to membrane lifecycle optimization and sustainable solutions for VOC and odour treatment.

ANAEROBIX® Micro-nutrients for higher yields.

Very often minerals and trace elements in the raw water are unbalanced. WATERLEAU ANAEROBIX® micronutrient mix provides most essential minerals and trace elements for optimal anaerobic microbiological degradation. This will maximize COD removal and biogas production.

MEMCARE® Membrane Chemicals for expanded membrane lifecycle

Antiscalant: Maximize the recovery and minimize the risk of scaling with MEMCARE® antiscalant. The best solutions for high silica waters and it is most efficient against carbonate and sulfate scales hardness and iron.

Membrane Cleaners: WATERLEAU’s proprietary range of MEMCARE® acid and caustic cleaners, allow keeping your membranes in top condition. Rather than using commodity chemicals for cleaning, the Memcare cleaners are specifically designed to keep your membranes in top condition and maximize their lifetime.

Membrane Autopsy & Cleaning Optimization

In case of heavily fouled or scaled membranes, our membrane autopsy and root cause analysis will determine recovery-cleaning alternatives.


Anaerobic Sludge : Start-up acceleration

Anaerobic Sludge: top quality granular sludge available anywhere

Anaerobic granular sludge is required for the startup of every new anaerobic reactor. With treatment plants all over the world, we can supply anaerobic granular sludge with a high methanogenic activity, and with limited transport costs.


BIOTON® Green Biofilter media

BIOTON® Green : a sustainable solution for VOC and odor treatment

The BIOTON® biofilter process utilizes a fixed bed of a well-defined suitable mixture of inorganic / organic media, which contains microorganisms used to oxidize volatile organics, nitrogen and sulphur based compounds contained in a polluted air stream. The patented BIOTON® Green medium is a mixture of stabilized compost and PLA (Poly Lactic Acid, a biopolymer), which decomposes at high temperature and as such does not pose a problem for disposal.

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