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Operation & Maintenance

Relying on specialist expertise for maximal efficiency

From SLA to full O&M

From SLA to full O&M, support of our water experts will significantly improve the water, energy and carbon footprint of your water treatment facility helping you reach your business's sustainable development goals.

  • Service Level agreements (SLA): Maximal uptime

An SLA is your best insurance against unforeseen downtime. Within an SLA, our engineers will monitor your plant from the Waterleau HQ control room making sure your water or wastewater treatment infrastructure performs at optimal capacity and minimum operating cost.

  • Operation & maintance (O&M): Total peace of mind

Since production efficiency and value creation are your priorities, let us take care of your water and wastewater operations. By outsourcing Operations & Maintenance to treatment experts, you can keep the focus on your core business.

Other Waterleau Services

From technology pack to turnkey plants

From technology pack to turnkey plants
From design to commission, all competences are available to guarantee the perfect execution of any…

SmartLab® Digital Water

SmartLab® Digital Water

Cloud-based and digital platform for intelligent water management.

Financial solutions

Financial solutions

Unlock financial resources and pay per drop

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