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Waterleau, a world-leading water technology company

We are Waterleau, a world-leading water technology company in full expansion. We are committed to protect our most precious natural resource, water. We do everything to help industries and municipalities reduce their water footprint. We’re looking for people to grow with us. To define the future of smart water technologies together. And have a real impact on environmental protection. Because every drop counts.

At Waterleau you have the chance to work in an environment with more than 600 water experts operating in all continents. Our Belgian origin is encrusted in our company culture. Hard-working, looking for smart solutions, no-nonsense and getting the job done. This is what we're praised for. This is what makes us different. Come and join our team. So you can make your water mark too!

What's it like to Work at Waterleau

Wondering what it's like to work at Waterleau? Our young engineers Pieter, Joni and Karina are happy to show you what it's like.

We welcome strong personalities willing to promote environmental stewardship. We seek operational, pragmatic and entrepreneurial individuals. As the world is our home, we recruit people willing to travel and ready to work in teams with colleagues all over the world.

Do you want to be at the forefront of environmental water technologies? Would you like to use your skills to protect our planet? If you feel like an entrepreneur, take the challenge and write us today.

Expanding our operations worldwide

Waterleau is dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for global challenges in water management. As an internationally growing company, we have expanded our operations worldwide and currently have offices in various locations, including Morocco, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Germany, France, Macau, and an engineering hub in Portugal.

We are actively seeking talented professionals in diverse engineering disciplines, particularly Portuguese experts, to join our team and contribute to our global projects. Fluency in English and/or French is essential as they are the primary languages within our company.

At Waterleau, we offer a stimulating work environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Join us and work on ground-breaking projects while further developing your skills in a dynamic and international setting. Stay tuned for updates on our website regarding our engineering hub in Portugal and current job opportunities. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Meet our Lab Manager Fatine!

Fatine has been with Waterleau for 10 years. First as a Process engineer and Lab responsible at the wastewater treatment plant in Fès, and then as our R&D Lab Manager at the Waterleau HQ in Belgium. She supervises lab testing for hundreds of clients from all over the world. Her insights are crucial for process design as well as for the development of smart water treatment technologies.

Every drop counts! 💧

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Waterleau Portugal
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Head office Belgium

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Our expertise is always within reach. Digital communication has cut long distances short, but we advocate the traditional way of sharing insights.

Contact us today. We are looking forward to help you reach your sustainable development goals.