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SmartLab® Digital platform

Our cloud-based and digital platform for intelligent water management.

Fast track to digitalisation

SmartLab is our cloud-based and digital platform for intelligent water management.

When connected to the SmartLab® platform, industries can better manage environmental assets reducing the Eco-footprint.

Relying on system data, automated analysis and Waterleau intelligence, information is turned into valuable insights creating new opportunities for system assessment and optimization.

With Waterleau SmartLab®, it becomes much easier to connect with environmental assets, analyze information and optimize treatment facility.

Smartlab platform connects, analyses and optimises


All Waterleau treatment systems are IoT enabled. In the cloud-based SmartLab® portal, we give access to real-time information to assess plant performance at a glance using:

  • comprehensive dashboards
  • displaying system KPI


A global network of Waterleau experts is monitoring your Eco-assets too. From our control room, we assist in:

  • efficient management of water treatment operations,
  • identify problems, and help your facility back on track
  • keeping an eye on the global picture.


With SmartLab®, your plant can benefit from Waterleau’s lead in the digital transformation of the water industry. The Waterleau expertise in AI data analysis and digital twin technology is a real asset in providing better insights in:

  • the environmental performance of your treatment facilities.
  • the financial performance of your treatment facilities.

What our customers say

“The Control room... That is a great feature. It's an enormous competitive advantage. Managing a facility as a service and have 24-hour monitoring. Quick reactions to help, to intervene and solve an issue is a valuable feature. Having experts from Waterleau available for support is a great idea. I like it a lot!”

AB Inbev - Miroslav

“You can have all information, dashboarding and reporting functionalities delivered in a single point platform. That's very powerful, a big time saver and brings added value . Smartlab empowers you to go straight to the problems and solve them."

Heineken - Edwin

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