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Helping industries and municipalities reach their sustainable development goals

Industrial wastewater treatment and circular water use

Industrial wastewater treatment and circular water use

In almost every industry, we provide solutions for process water production and wastewater treatment. Recovering water, energy and nutrients from every wastewater drop, we help turn your wastewater treatment plant into a water resource factory.

Municipal wastewater treatment and water reuse

Municipal wastewater treatment and water reuse

We provide wastewater treatment, drinking water production, water reclamation and desalination solutions for governments and municipalities. From design to outsourced operations, we look for efficient solutions at minimal cost.

Wastewater treatment

Our process and plant designs help industries and municipalities to comply with stringent wastewater discharge regulations. From diluted municipal wastewater to complex wastewater in the chemical industry, we design the most efficient treatment process including total operating cost as KPI.

Water treatment

In almost every industry, we produce tailor-made process water from almost any source. From de-mineralized, de-ionized, distilled to ultra-pure water, we are happy to provide process water in different qualities and characteristics.

Our drinking water solutions make it possible to produce drinking water for the industry or to provide safe potable water improving sanitary conditions for large communities. Our containerized emergency water production units are designed for fast deployment disaster-struck communities.

Water recovery

We help in turning your wastewater treatment plant into a water resource factory. The combination of wastewater treatment, process and drinking water production technologies enables you to close the water cycle, reducing tap-water dependency.

We also help reclaiming municipal wastewater in water-stressed regions. Biologically treated municipal wastewater is a perfect source for the production of irrigation water, for the replenishment of aquifers or even for the production of drinking water.

Nutrient recovery

When treating wastewater and unfolding its energy potential, why not monetizing the nutrients too? We help you to recover nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus that would otherwise be discarded. We will convert them into an eco-friendly fertilizer, used for ecological and agricultural purposes.

Digital water

SmartLab is Waterleau’s digital platform to help our clients manage environmental assets and limit the eco-footprint. Our cloud-based platform makes it possible to connect with your treatment plant, get better insights from data analysis and optimize plant performance in any circumstance.

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